Essex escorts are obsessed with nineteenth century fashion

People grows old with age but the attitude of a person does not grow old for it will last even if the person is gone away. That kind of thought could be much related with fashion. Fashion never dies in fact the more it lives longer the more it will be cherish and valued more.  Fashion never dies instead it will always bosoms into something new. When you look into the fashion style now a days it just have a taste blend with the fashions in the past. It was only being highlighted and added more details to make it more attractive and more refreshing. I am talking about fashion for I have this new friend of mine who happens to be an Essex escorts and whom loves or shall I say obsessed with nineteenth century fashion. I came up to such kind of conclusion all because her type of wardrobe is inspired by 19th century fashion style. I rarely saw her wearing jeans or shirts, she is always into wearing dresses and for the information of everyone she is the one making them. She have her own sewing machine and if being an Essex escorts is not so demanding for her time she spent a lot of her time making her own dress and that is what she is going to wear when she go out and even in work. She really has obsession with the kind of fashion and what so nice with her style is that she added some twists on the designs to make it more cool and refreshing to look at. You could still see the modern side of the design but you could still so much of it the 19th century kind of style. That is every time she walks down on streets people get mesmerized by her looks for she carries it with so much enthusiasm and pride.

To commemorate all of her fashion somebody who is into fashion design saw her masterpieces and invited her to join into a fashion show. The fashion show aims to encourage young designers to be more creative and inspired with what they are doing. There were many young and new designers joined the event but amongst all the designs being shown in there the design of my Essex escorts friend stand out. It was given a huge of positive feedbacks from all the top designers who had come to witness the said event. Her attention were being caught and recognize and she was able to receive an offer to work as a co-designer of the top selling designer clothing line in London. As her friend looking at her success made me so teary eyed that her being so simple and her being so obsessed with fashion of her own taste and style brings her to success that she never dreamt and imagine all her life with. But looking at her now so much of happiness and satisfaction I feel so proud on her that even if she is an escort she still have all the guts to be successful as what she is right now.

After the show I asked her if she will stop working as an Essex escorts, she then answered me with a big NO. According to her, she awe so much from Essex escorts of how she looks at life and it is Essex escorts who inspires her to make her own fashion style as her way of showing to clients how uniquely beautiful she is with other escorts in all over London. But look at her now from that simple desire she then turns to be that big super start in fashion world that she never wanted to have but because she got what it takes to be on the said world she embrace it and still continuous to be an amazing and great escorts personality of Essex escorts. She really has a good heart for not forgetting the things that she had when she is nothing but an ordinary woman who is trying to survive in life for a living and that she will be able to share what she has to her love ones.